Equipment Resources

One of our patient goals is to establish a diagnosis with accuracy and time efficiency to obtain the best possible medical care at our facility. At Intercare Medical Center our additional services provide the most advanced technology available in Cambodia.

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Following a consultation and a physical examination, laboratory investigation (e.g. blood tests, urine examination) may be required according to the treating doctor. Our advanced on-site laboratory department can accommodate any laboratory test required to confirm or rule out any medical diagnosis and provide information for health screening checks.

  • Hematology analyzer 

  • PCR

  • Chemistry analyzer       

  • Urine analyser

  • Immunoassay analyzer 

  • Hba1c
  • Coagulation analyzer       

  • Quantiferon -TB

  • Microbiology/bacterial cultures

Imaging Center

In our radiology department, the latest imaging technologies are used to support diagnosis, follow-up of medical conditions and health checks. Radiologic imaging modalities are used as part of the screening process for our wellness visits, specific medical concerns and emergent needs. For example, chest x-rays and ultrasounds are available for assessments, preventative care and diagnostic testing. Our advanced technology provides optimum imaging services to meet the needs of our patients.
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Surgery Center

Our specialists provide consultations and are able to perform a whole range of surgeries within the Olympia Medical Hub. Surgical procedures include but are not limited to Orthopedic surgery, Aesthetics / Plastic surgery, Eye surgery, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) surgery, Urologic surgery, Dental surgery, Gynaecological surgery, Endoscopic (e.g gastroscopy, colonoscopy) procedures.